About Cocotrek

We support people to create and run impactful projects, based on an individual's passion and experience.

Our Mission

We believe that people can focus on new creations where foundational tasks are supported by AI. In this era, our mission is to 
utilize people's experiences and passion to drive innovation for our society.

Our Focus
Startup Mentoring​
  • We provide mentoring based on our startup experience for pre-startup phase and early phase.

  • We also support the commercialization of research. startups.

Holding workshops about how to take actions from your ideas

We hold workshops and events to share our experiences with people who want to turn their ideas into actions.​

Using data and cloud services to improve business processes​
  • We introduce Wix, trello and cloud services to improve small and medium businesses.

  • We also support companies to use data to make business decisions.

Our Achievements
We utilize people's experiences to make innovation
into the next stage.
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