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About Cocotrek

We partner with organizations to innovate and invent.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate people's creativity and expand human potential.

We believe that people can focus on new creations in an era where foundational tasks are supported by AI.

Our Services
Startup 0 to 1 Mentoring​
  • We provide mentoring based on our startup experience for pre-startup phase and early phase.

  • We also support commercialization of research.

Ideation Workshops
  • We provide workshops and 1:1 mentoring to support people, teams and organizations to drive innovation by our original methods. 

Innovation Consulting
  • We partner with companies to create new products and new concepts to expand their business.

  • We support creating strategies and visions that inspire people.

Our Team

We innovate by leveraging our team members' diverse professional backgrounds and experiences.


  Creating cutting-edge mobile services, realizing Japanese high-speed railway system export project, inventing multiple patents globally.


  Architecting business and technical solutions at Google, creating corporate strategy & vision, investing in power plant project, participating Y Combinator online school as the first batch.


  Researching lunar soil at JAXA (Japanese space agency), accelerating satellite imagery use in organizations, supporting research projects at universities, teaching lectures at universities.


Cocotrek was founded in 2016. The company started helping experts such as professors and doctors that aspire to build business with their research accomplishments.

Contact Us

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